Al-Riffa Sports Club

نادي الرفاع الرياضي


Al-Riffa SC - Their Excellencies


Al-Riffa Sports Club is a Bahraini football club based in Riffa, playing in the Premiership division of Nasser bin Hamad Premier League. 


Al-Riffa Sports Club, Champion of Bahrain currently plays the AFC Champions Leagueand AFC cup this season. The Lions will Roar again this season by the grace of club.


Football Players trial is ongoing till last week of March 2020. Interested participants should contact Zuhair Fereidoon or Adel Marzouki for procedures.

Al-Riffa SC scores three goals away in Al-Ahly

in the tenth round of the Nasser Bin Hamad Premier League football tournament, the first goal was scored by player Hazza Ali, while the two goals were added by the Libyan player Mohammed Soula.

Glad to inform the public that our Football Academy will be lunched 7th March 2020. The Academy is based in West Riffa and takes Canditates from all around the world.

Al-Riffa SC (Their Excellencies)

 Their Excellencies

  The club’s management has delegated the Technical analyst for the team, Zuhair Fereidoon (L)  and Assistant head coach of the first football team, Adel Marzouki (R) to undertake recruitment process for players' trials at the club with the view to strenghten the squad against the next transfer window for the next season.

The players' trial proces will be under supervision of the Club Sports Director Sheikh Mohammed Khaled Al-Khalifa.


Al-Riffa SC (Their Excellencies)


Al-Riffa Sports Club (نادي الرفاع الرياضي‎) is a Bahraini football club based in Riffa, playing in the top division of Nasser bin Hamad Premier League. The club was founded in 1953.The club's first international achievement was in 1982 when Riffa placed second in the GCC Club Cup. This was an important achievement for the club and Bahraini football in general as it helped the region take notice of the talent available in Bahrain. Last Season Al Riffa SC won the League title. The Lions are roaring again this season as we go from Glory to Glory


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There are no soccer camps as of now. However for details about trials please Join the club's Forum